Thursday, January 29, 2009

And now for an edition of "Where's Luke"

Today was Luke's field trip to the grocery store for preschool. They went to Winegars and they were able to see what had to be done to run a grocery store. There were a ton of kids there and a lot of parent volunteers. The reason I named my post was all the pictures I got were kind of "Wheres Waldo". He was so excited that I got to go with him today.

Luke and his friend Ethan in the freezer section (behind the scenes)

Having cookies and punch in the employee break room when the tour was over


aunt tee said...

Luke you are very cute, I love that you are always looking right at mom. love you little man
love aunt tee

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Luke!! You are so photogenic. What darling pictures. Thanks for sharing!!
Love you,